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Filmmaking Techniques are dedicated to providing production companies with what they want and when they want it. This is achieved through the pursuit of excellence in everything that is done.

Production Companies benefit from being able to select from over 2300 people on the database.

Individual Script Editors are encouraged to join as Filmmaking Techniques are committed to allowing everyone to have a fair opportunity. Everyone who is current on the database and fits the criteria outined for the search will be included without favour.

Production Companies
Filmmaking Techniques Script Editors Directory are happy to provide you with the following at NO COST to the production:

An up to date book produced in full colour with full measurements details and segregated by age and sex to make selection easier

  • For all bookings - a Booking Details list is faxed every day giving full details for use by the wardrobe department.
  • For larger calls (30+), artistes salary vouchers pre printed with the production details, name and address of the extra and the date worked and role undertaken. Also an Directory representative will be on set to help check in the Script Editors .
  • Individual Script Editors
  • Filmmaking Techniques Script Editors Directory are always looking for people who are willing to be Script Editors .
  • The only requirements are for each person to be fully aware of what is required of them and also to make sure that they fully understand what being an extra involves.

The key to good filmmaking is a great script. UK Film Council

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